15 Things Photographers Should Not Do

photographers do not do this

What should professional photographers not do?

Here is the best list of  15 things photographers should not do:

Do not do these things:

1.   Equipment is important, but it is not the core of photography.  It will not make you a better photographer.  Photographing makes you a better photographer. Don’t focus on equipment.

2. Do NOT leave your camera at home.  Always have a camera handy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed great opportunities due to a little laziness. Not to mention security, my house has been broken into twice because of people watching my gear. I learned my lesson and called Home Security Guide they helped with home security and I haven’t had any trouble since.

3. Do NOT photograph using the same techniques every time.  Your work will deteriorate, the perfect way to not grow as a photog. Here are some great photography tips: http://photographyconcentrate.com/secrets-successful-photography-blogging-how-make-it-worth-your-time/

4. Do NOT ignore the value of your copyright.  If your copyrights are not valuable, why are people working so hard to get them?

5. Do NOT take every assignment.  Every photographer has a few specialties.  Just because a job is offered to you doesn’t mean you should take it. Most of the time people want something for nothing, and you end up working way more than what you’re paid for.

6. Do NOT do everything yourself.  Hiring the right people to support you makes you look better.   Focus on the photography.

7.  Photographers need to separate themselves from the competition to survive. Do NOT be the same as someone else. Take a look at photography technique of this real estate photographer: http://www.grahamrealestate.com/albany-bahamas

8. Do NOT ignore the math.  Make sure the job allows you to make money and not suck you dry.

9. Do NOT forget to plan in advance.  The more you plan ahead, preparing your team and equipment, the more successful the assignment or outing.

10. Do NOT ignore blogging.  Blogging is great for search engine optimization.

11. Do NOT ignore social media. Social media is one of the best ways to share your images with potential clients.

12. Do NOT put sensitive photographs on the web.  Easy to understand this one.

13. Do NOT forget other lens options.  Try all lens types.

14. Do NOT forget your tripod.  As much I don’t like using a tripod, you never know when you might need it.

15. DO NOT try to fix everything in Photoshop.  It cannot fix everything.


Leave your comments below on what you would add to my list!