The Business Behind Photography

Photography is great, it’s an amazing hobby and one of my favorite expressions of art. If you’re like me you got to a point in your life where you finally decided that you wanted to take this hobby and turn it into a business.

This is where you may have seen things get hairy, you probably didn’t realize all of the expenses that can be added on to a business, the problems that you may face and the difficulties and challenges. Now that it’s no longer a hobby you need to find clients, you need to keep them happy, and most of all you need to make sure that you still love what you do so that you get the best work possible for clients.

Today I’m going to go over a few things that I’ve found really help me in my journey to building up my business.


1. Don’t be afraid to be a business

This can be a difficult challenge for someone who is not familiar running a business. It’s your hobby so you love it, you don’t want to sell out, but you also want money. This means that sometimes you may need to take on work that doesn’t sound as appealing, sometimes you’ll have to give up some artistic direction to your client who may have their own opinions on how things should work.

You will also need to invest back into your business. Hire an email marketing agency to ensure that the proper work gets done. Quit worrying about your personal credit (no need for cheap credit repair here) and start building up a business credit account.

I can’t stress this enough, most photographers I know who fail, fail because they never built anything up for themselves. You need to take the money you make and invest it back into building up your business, get some Facebook or Adwords ads, start building a following and things will really take off.


2. Dress for success

dress up

Dressing for success means you need to show up looking like you know what you’re doing. This sometimes will change depending on the situation and what you’re doing a photoshoot for. Whenever I first meet with a client I’ll wear my best outfit. For me this means dress clothes. If you’re a guy I recommend checking out some nice watches to wear, check out this citizen nighthawk review or this seiko skx007 review for ideas.


When I go do the photoshoot I’ll dress for the occasion. If it’s a formal event such as a wedding I’ll wear something I would wear to a wedding. However, if it’s not I’ll dress appropriately, a swimsuit for the beach is fine, recently I did a photoshoot for a yoga wear company and wore my best yoga pants. This really helped me feel comfortable in my environment and kept me from distracting other people.


3. Give yourself a vacation


beach photog

Once you begin to be successful it will be very easy to feel overworked. Most self-employed people that I know never take vacations, and this is not healthy. Set some time aside and feel free to travel. This is what I love about being my own boss, I get to set the schedule! Recently I went on a 7 day long Japan tour! This really helped me relax and remember why I started my business in the first place.

Well that and the goal to buy some bahamas real estate and move next to the beach! Have a good week guys! Let me know if you have any questions.

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